For lovers of lengthy, instrumental, fuzzed up, heavy psychedelic guitar jams. Guitar, bass, drums and synth/effects, boiled together into a mind-melting stew.

The only legitimate download is via Bandcamp, anywhere else is a rip-off and I get nothing, so don’t do it!

February 2018

Just to let everyone know that Heavy Relic are not dead and buried!


We're slowly lumbering back to life; and as a little thank you to those who've supported us over the last few years, here's a new jam for free.






July 2016

The “Lava Lamp” ep has just been released - head on over to

A 30-minute, four track ep - the journey isn’t over yet.


Lemmy, the bass monster, is dead :(

By way of a small tribute to the legend, Heavy Relic have covered “Capricorn

Play loud - I hope he likes it.


September 2015 and “Go Forth”, the fourth Heavy Relic album is now available. Another hour of instrumental psychedelic rock, with a side order of noodling.

Read a review of the second album here:

Eight more tracks of instrumental heavy-psych with down-tuned guitars, weird synths and excessive wah-pedal abuse. I hope you all enjoy it as much as the first one.



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